CIS uninstall trashes internet connectivity

Hi Everyone

I am currently using CIS (firewall Safe mode, D+ Safe mode, no CAVS) and Avast home. Everything was working great. After seeing some reviews of CAVS, I wanted to try using it. So my plan was to uninstall CIS reboot, uninstall Avast reboot and then do a fresh install of CIS with CAVS. Big problem. After uninstalling CIS, my PC rebooted and I had no internet connectivity! I checked my network adapters and found Comodo firewall minport with yellow exclamation points on my network adapter. I realize now that I could have uninstalled Avast rebooted and then added the CAVS module but I didn’t do it that way. Can anyone help how to get my internet working again? Is there a cleanup tool to remove CIS?

My specs: Vista Home (sp1), CIS (427) and Avast home 4.8 (network, standard and web shield)


I have the same issue. Tried uninstalling CIS and have lost internet connectivity. Looking at device manager shows that comodo drivers are still installed.

Does anyone else have this problem? I lose my wireless broadband router. The computer does not see it anymore. Comodos drivers are still connected to my network card.

Any help would be appreciated.


I tried running Comodo registry cleaner, but it did not help.

Did I post this in the correct catagory? This seems like an important issue. CIS did not uninstall correctly and knocks out internet connectivity. I can post whatever info Comodo needs on this.


I am wondering the same? Not sure where else to post about this issue though.

I used the CFP Registery Cleaner bat file after I uninstalled CIS. I never lost my internet.

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I uninstalled in Safe mode with networking and that did the trick. When the PC rebooted, internet connectivity was there. You can close this thread if you like.


Try to remove file c:\windows\system32\drivers\inspect.sys, if it’s there. If you can’t - try in safe mode.
This will unable CIS Firewall drivers for sure.