CIS UI: few annoying things

CIS UI has “cool” feature of when you hold ALT-key for few seconds - all available keyboard shortcuts appear. In some lists of UI you can move list items with ALT-U and ALT-D. But you can’t just hold the keys, you have to either tap them or wait for tips to appear first, because otherwise you’d get visually interrupted for a second by tips appearance. Very annoying when you have a long list of applications. I suppose a reset of the tips appearance timer on any use of “ALT” shortcuts is in order.

Mouse drag&drop in lists of CIS UI could use a little longer distance before triggering. I almost always and up “moving” the item, instead of just selecting it.

When you apply firewall rules for any application, list scroll position resets to the top. So if you have a long list and have to change some rules at the end of it, you’d get annoyed by this scrolling.

Not sure if it is a bug: ALT key is considered “pressed” when ALT-TABing from settings to other window in Windows 7 and triggers shortcuts tips to appear.