CIS to have default ruleset for Game downloaders/Clients

1. What actually happened or you saw:
CIS blocking Steam Games from working that are unrecognized

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
CIS to have a ruleset to allow Steam Games to run without restriction
3. Why you think it is desirable:
Many Gamers may not want to have CIS blocking games that are updated to frequently for CIS to whitelist.

4. Any other information:
Steam Games are often updated too quickly for Comodo to whitelist, is it possible for CIS to come with a default ruleset to allow steam games? I know how to make ruleset’s to allow Steam game files that are unrecognized by CIS, however, new users to Comodo may not know how to do so, so I think that CIS should come with a default ruleset for game downloaders/clients, like Steam, Origin, etc.

Thank you NetGuy :-TU

Guys, please vote if you like.

Is there any difference between a “file downloader” and “game downloader”? What’s the difference between a “file downloader” and a “client”?
Perhaps we should generalize this one.

Thank you.

I think adding a new group will make it more specific to what the files are actually doing,downloading games. Would adding Steam.exe and Steamservice.exe to Pseudo File Downloaders allow for CIS to ignore downloaded steam games just like it ignores Windows Store Apps?

You would like clients to not be automatically sandboxed? Windows Apps are ignored due to no support from my understanding and sandboxing will render it unusable besides the fact that you cannot easily sandbox one app. Currently, there is no vendor that provides support or does not give priority to them. The platform is quite secure since these are also sandboxed and developers must define used rights, etc.
In other words, the reason why apps are ignored is caused by ‘ignore’ rule in the sandbox.


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