CIS suggests submitting a bug report without any operational issues. Strange error

The other day I installed Windows 8.1 (6.3.9600.17415), then installed CIS Premium ( - everything installed fine, without errors or problems. The system starts normally, also without errors or problems. Then at random times that I can’t pin down to anything, CIS prompts me to submit a bug report. Visually there are no problems, neither in the system itself, nor in the CIS itself. That is, the system works stably and without errors and CIS works stably and without visible errors, but at random times CIS simply offers to send an error report. Diagnostics never finds problems. The Windows Stability Monitor shows an error related to CIS, but not always. I don’t know what this is connected with. The drivers are stable, proven over years of trouble-free operation.

I am attaching a CIS dump (155 MB). Packed it into an archive with maximum compression and uploaded it to the DropMeFiles cloud. This is right?

I am attaching the Windows Stability Monitor reports. Also uploaded DropMeFiles to the cloud. The files will be available for 13 days.

What is the problem?!

And so all the time!

2023-10-18 12 12 41

hi @Someone_R

Apologies that you are facing such issue. Could you please share all the details to our email address which will automatically create ticket and with the dump shared our team will be able to investigate further.

I wrote to the email address - but they don’t respond.

hi @Someone_R

have you dropped email to as mentioned in the ticket sent by the support team of xcitium enterprise

Yes, to this address. No answer.

is there any ticket reference number you can share with me

No. They never answered me. And not a single “system” message came.
I sent the letter again.

Apologies for the inconvenience , I will check with the team and get back to you

So what about the team? Are they alive there?
It’s useless to write somewhere about problems, right?

hi @Someone_R
I am checking to get the right team to get back to you on this , I will surely request the team to get back to you.