CIS stopped responding

Just managed to break CIS 5.9 without it even complaining. >:(

Clicked to open ‘View Firewall Events’. CIS stopped responding and didn’t offer to submit a bug report and didn’t create a crash dump so I can’t do a formatted bug report (maybe not a bug?).

Action Center reported the hang (see pic).

Program stalling doesn’t mean the firewall shuts down though, right? (If I Exit/Close the program, CFW still reports ON in action center so I’m hoping answer is ‘correct’).

Had just installed security updates for .NET Framework. Avast’s File Shield was scrolling through all my files, presumably because Windows indexer was updating. Maybe this ferkled CIS’s settings?

Manually restarted okay. The WER report and WERInternalMetadata xml file are as useful as a chocolate fireguard to me. Have zipped and attached along with eventviewer logs for what use they are. Can’t offer any more clues as no dump files. Sorry if posted in wrong place. :-\

[attachment deleted by admin]

Unable to offer any advice. Except to say you maybe ought to start a new thread to avoid being missed here by the roaming experts :wink:

Thanks for pointing this out. :-TU I moved the topic to the correct board.

By the way, you can still provide a formatted bug report. However, if it’s okay with you, I will move this post to the help board and see if anyone has any ideas for how to fix it.