CIS still scanning files 2 hours after startup

A) What’s up with that, and it will not stop till I kill the process.
B) I’ve not set up a pre-determined time to scan my system.
C) Good golly I do have several GIGS of scannable files, you would think the scan would be intelligent enough to not RESCAN scanned objects if their signature did not change, …
(C2: I write software, hence I have a LOT of little toys cluttering my workspace.)

Hi cDreamDancer,

Please provide the cislogs.sdb from “C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Firewall Pro” folder.
Thanks in advance.

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Ohh, sqlite, …

Here, have a screenshot.

Real-time scanner scans every accessed file if the the file was changed since the last scan and when the av db is updated. You should add folders to scan exclusions to limit the amount of files that are scanned for the real-time scanner.

Well, that explains the peculiarity of the scanner in that after 12 or 14 hours of scanning, it’s coming up with the same files as being infected with various malware, plus a few more. Three times now.

12 to 14 hours

Where do I set the parameters for when the scanner scans files?

That is not possible for real-time scanning, your best option is to add folders to the scan exclusions. Like I said before, the real time scanner will only scan files if the file was changed since the last the time it was scanned or if the av db was updated since that last scan. This assumes you set the real time scanner to stateful, otherwise if it is set to on-access then files will always be scanned on every access attempt.

Suddenly dawns on me I’m asking how to pare an apple and you’re describing an orange.

This is not the real-time scanner I am referring to, this is the process that scans EVERYTHING in one pass.

Real-time scanner I have no issue with, system scan is not set to run on this machine yet it is running.

Then it is either the quick scan that you haven’t let finish which is started after first installing CIS, or the full scan that is set by default to run on a schedule each week. You can change the scan options for each scan profile in scan profile settings.