CIS stealing focus from Media Player Classic and ejecting it from full screen.

Hi all.

I use Media Player Classic for all general audio/video playback.
When I am watching a video in full screen, at least once in its duration, it will kick out to a window and the player window text will state “focus lost to comodo…”
I’m not sure what the CIS is doing at these times.
It’s not prompting me for intervention with anything when this happens.

Thanks in advance for any insight as to why it my be stealing focus.

I will post this on a Media Player Classic troubleshooting forum also.

I used to experince this nuisance all the time when loading a video in Media Player (Classic Home Cinema edtion) with the audio DSP plugin called DFX. DFX’s dll driver was the last to load, so naturally it took control of the focus. IIRC, it was either the reformat or switching to another plugin that fixed it.

Your case is odd because nothing visible like a CIS alert kicked in.

Are you using the AV of CIS? May be the notification of updating is kicking in?

No, I wasn’t at the time, although I’ve temporarily switched it on to do some manual scanning of individual files since.
I don’t believe in using resident AV.
They slow the system down, flag a lot of legitimate opensource software as viruses (because of compression methods used) and don’t do very well at catching zero-day attackers anyway.
It’s just not worth the resource burden and unnecessary interference.
I prefer to disable ActiveX and Windows Scripting Host on Windows machines.
Disabling those alone prevents the majority of bad guys from even being able to get a foot in the door.
The firewall then does a good job of flagging all other dodgy behaviour if set to prompt correctly.