CIS Stable forbid to Windows Assistent to upgrade W11

Hi, today I need upgrade my Windows 11 22H2 to 23H2 but without unistall Comodo CIS Windows Assistant was unable to upgrade Windows and generate a blue error screen.

CIS stable is more stable and secure then CIS Beta 2024?
An antivirus software should not block Windows and Microsoft tools from working correctly.

I don’t know if this issue is fixed in CIS Beta 2024, I hope… and I’m asking why a 2024 version still be not out when the currently stable version create a Windows upgrade issues.

Thank you.

same here and then even I got diagnoserror messages from comodo runing on Win 23 h2…
this beta beat version of CIS is very unsatble and wih alot of bugs/glitches… I wish the old devos would come back.

You tried the Beta 2024 and is not good?
I’m waiting for it hoping will work better then current very old stable CIS that doesn’t allow Windows to correctly updating with Windows Assistant and also is blocking Windows Sandbox network.

yeah 2024 version, and after installing itin win 11 23h2 the cisdiagnosescan put endless errors out, wants to restart every time after the diagnosescan

Oh this is bad. Understood, seems the Beta 2024 still have issues.

Hi peopleinside & Frustrated_User1,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you please share us any related screenshot/video of the issue ? so that we will take this to the dev team and update you.
Also kindly check this issue with latest CIS beta version and let us know whether this issue exists or not.


Thanks for the reply.

I’m in a production PC so cannot test but I have a suggestion for you: in those days I had a program that broken my PC and Comodo was active. That program was not a virus or malware but PC was broken then… I asked to Windows 11 Pro to restore the PC back to the previous day.

After a long work Windows told me was unable to restore the PC back.
In my experience I suspect Comodo may block some Windows file as happen with Windows Update Assistant and if Comodo is not uninstalled, the PC cannot be restored back or updated. This should not happen, I hope in the 2024 version I may stay more relaxed that Comodo never create such issues :slight_smile:

Maybe you can test better this scenario with the Beta, you can told to beta tester. I don’t have a PC currently where test.

Thank you!

Hi peopleinside,

Thank you for providing the requested information.
CIS should not block any Windows file if so could you please share us the CIS logs for further investigation of this issue.
View CIS Logs, Firewall Software, Log Monitor, Defense+ Filter|Internet Security (Refer this link to how to collect CIS components logs)
Providing any related screenshot/video of the issue would be helpful for us to undertand quickly and fix it.


I cannot believe that CIS stable is not locking any Windows file because I see that in action.
I use Comodo since long time and Comodo has always blocked Windows, in my experience in two situation:

  1. If you try to upgrade Windows with Windows 11 Installation Assistant, tried two time and get blue error screen after a long waiting.

Uninstalled Comodo and tried again and all was done successfully, I upgraded a PC from Windows 11 22H2 to Windows 11 23H2 so, if you think Comodo is not blocking Windows file you are wrong.
Comodo has also auto-containment that can often block safe file too.

I cannot provide any log as I’m not on a test PC, I formatted recently my working PC and I cannot do test.

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Hi uzz,

Thank you for reproting.
Kindly share us the all CIS components log for further investigation to check whether comodo is blocking any windows files.


A late reply.

I run Windows Insider 11 Canary builds which also use the feature update procedure and I have learned by systematic elimination that CIS causes to fail the update with a blue screen.

As a workaround I temporarily uninstall CIS to be able to update to a new Canary build. May be in the future I could provide some more information.

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I just completed a cumulative update (Windows 11-23H2) quickly. Otherwise I can’t say anything problematic about this BETA version. Everything I installed in terms of software went without errors. Computer runs without any problems - everything is fine.
Beta 3 2024 vers.

Issue reported on this topic is about Windows Assistant and update with this.

I can confirm that I could not upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and received BSOD errors. I spent the better part of 2 weeks trying to diagnose the issue. Ended up having to go to a Windows help forum to help find the cause of the issue. It turned out that it was the Comodo (non-beta) drivers causing the issue. After Comodo was scrubbed from the system, the Windows upgrade was completed with no issues. Hopefully, the new 2024 version will play better with Windows, especially when it comes to upgrades. Windows 12 is right around the corner so people will probably consider upgrading again in the next year or so.

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same issue here have win11 22h2 update to win 11 23h2 cames up with an error message :unknownupgrade error
with comodo cis vers…