CIS slow to initialize

This is a very fussy aspect, but I thought I may as well post it:

For versions after 3.5, I have noticed CIS taking longer to initialize on windows start-up. The actual Comodo system tray icon loads as fast as ever, but CIS seems to take another 10 seconds or so to fully initialize until you get the “All systems are active and running” indicator with the green tick. With older versions of Comodo, the time to fully initialize and achieve the green tick was almost spontaneous with the loading of the tray icon.

Anyone notice this? Would be nice if it could be sped up to what it was previously!

I’m using Win XP, SP3, 32-bit. No other security software installed real-time. I have Sandboxie and Superantispyware on demand. I’m currently using CIS 3.9 RC2.

I can confirm this. It used to be faster at initializing.

Good to know it’s likely to be a universal thing. I hope Egeman reads this. One of the main reasons I use Comodo is because it is so light on the system. I hope Comodo keeps it up and continues to keep improving!

I Cannot Confirm This - WinVista SP1 64 Bit

I can open CIS once I See my desktop and it is “All Systems Go”

How Ever, I’ve seen this on many Client’s PC(s) Mainly XP Machines…


Are you checking it right after the icon loads in the tray?



Then it might be only affecting 32bits.

Hi Guys,

Dont worry about it. It is a delay in reporting in the GUI thats all.

No it’s not. Try updating the AV while CIS is “Initializing” and you will get an error.

It’s a loading delay, as i see it with a few other software gadgets I run at login. As Egemen said, don’t worry about it. Once it is loaded, everything functions fine.

+1. It should be faster.