Cis shows files in container even when container was reseted

When I open tor browser in container/sandbox and start a full check scan, some files remain in the container even when I reset the container, even task manager don’t show the process id’s(see attachment). only a reboot fix this wrong shown ups.

Hi User Name,

Thank you for reporting, we are checking this.

What version?

I guess you mean which comodo version? 12.2.28012
I also have to mention that I installed newst Tor Browser but I nver run Tor after installing in non-container also I have hidden and decrypt all Tor browser data/files… if needed I could make a video(upload ) of it so that comodo staff members can recreate this issue…

Hello. I got a similar problem, but in a different Comodo Internet Security module.

The list of paths to files with ratings is broken. For some unknown reason, changes can no longer be made to the list.

The problem is always reproduced stably. It has only been about a week since I cleanly installed Comodo Internet Security.

In the list, the last file was found and recorded on September 2, 2021, at 19:33:36 Moscow time. The file is identified as “Unidentified”. I want to rate the file as Trusted, but I can’t. Tried it many times. Rebooted the computer, but nothing changes. The problem remains.

I would like to update the list of files using the “Refresh” button in the Comodo Internet Security settings menu “File rating” → “File list”. An update window opens with a list of invalid files and asks you to confirm their removal from the main list. After confirming the deletion of the list of invalid files, nothing happens. All invalid files remained in place in the main list.

There is only one logical explanation for this behavior. The list of files with ratings is blocked for writing new or edited data to it for some unknown reason.

Product Version:;
Operating System Version: Windows 10 Pro v.1909.18363.1379 (x64)

If you need to send any logs or data, then tell me which ones. I will send you everything you need.

Hi CryVICSky,

Thank you for reporting.;msg910460#msg910460

From your post we understood that you can’t able to change the unrecognized rating of a file to trusted in the File rating - > File list, we have tested and found no issue.

Did we missed something to understand the issue reported by you ?? If so

Kindly provide us these details for further investigation:-

  1. Can you reproduce the problem & if so how reliably?
  2. If you can, exact steps to reproduce. If not, exactly what you did & what happened.
  3. Any software except CIS/OS involved? If so - name, & exact version.
  4. Is there any other security product installed on your machine?
  5. Any other information, eg your guess at the cause, how you tried to fix it etc.
  6. If possible, any related screenshots.

Also, share us the screenshot of your file rating setting .


Almost immediately after writing my bug report, I decided to reinstall Comodo Internet Security. The described problem temporarily disappeared, but after almost four days it arose again. The problem is that the list of files available in Comodo Internet Security’s settings menu “Rating files” → “List of files” cannot be changed at all. That is, neither Comodo Internet Security nor the user himself can make changes or additions to the list of files.

  1. I cannot reproduce the problem myself.

  2. I cannot answer this question, as Comodo Internet Security lacks functionality to enable or disable automatic recording of all user actions, which are specific to Comodo Internet Security.

  3. I cannot answer this question, since Comodo Internet Security lacks functionality for configuring, selecting and enabling a rule by the user, under which the following condition can be triggered. If one of the logs reflects the first event of changing the list of files available in the Comodo Internet Security settings menu “File rating” → “File list”, but in reality the list has not changed, then automatically take a snapshot of all currently active applications, except Comodo Internet Security and operating system.

  4. Only standard security products preinstalled in Windows 10 Pro (x64, v.1909.18363.1379).

  5. The Comodo Internet Security Diagnostic Utility must be proactive, interactive and disabled by default. Only with the help of the diagnostic utility, you can combine several functions at once to easily catch errors and collect all the necessary information, including statistics on the use of Comodo Internet Security open to users, in real time.


The cause of the problem is in Windows Defender Firewall. For some reason, not immediately, but after 4 days, it begins to block some important functions of Comodo Internet Security, leading to the blocking of the list of files (“Settings” → “Rating of files” → “List of files”) to write new ones to it data.

I found the following solution:

On Windows 10:

“Control Panel” → “All Control Panel Items” → “Windows Defender Firewall” → “Allow interaction with an application or component in Windows Defender Firewall” → “Change settings” → “Allow another application …”

And then add the Comodo Internet Security application (C: \ Program Files \ COMODO \ COMODO Internet Security \ cis.exe) to the Windows Defender Firewall exceptions list.

It is not for nothing that many software developers began to add a checkbox to the installers with the function of adding an application even at the stage of its installation to the list of exclusions of the Windows Defender Firewall.

this issue was not solved! the problem still exist ! Therefor ist also not outdated

Hi User Name,

Thank you for reporting, we have checked this issue “Cis shows files in container even when container was resetted” and found CIS container gets clear when the container was reset.
Did we missed anything else to understand ? if so kindly provide us the details so that we will check and report to the team.
And if found this issue “Cis shows files in container even when container was reset” in your end, kindly provide us the issue clip as we couldn’t able to reproduce at our end. (Note: It’s not mandatory)