CIS seems to freeze msn 2009 and google toolbar for firefox

I just installed CIS a few days ago after hearing good things about it. However I use Google toolbar in firefox an when ever that add on is active Firefox starts to load up but freezes before it is fully loaded. Disabling Google toolbar makes Firefox work again.
It it sort of the same thing with msn, the first time after a system reboot it loads up fine but as soon as I try to open up a window to send an im to anyone it freezes. After that it freezes during start up like Firefox.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Google toolbar and that made it work until I rebooted the machine when it reverted to freezing FF again. Did the same with Messenger but that made no difference whatsoever.

Iā€™m using win xp sp3
Latest version of msn (Windows Live Messenger 2009 build 14.0.8089.726)
and Firefox (Firefox v 3.5.2)

Also virus db updates seems a bit flakey at best. Sometimes it locks at 5% for a few hours until it all of a sudden completes.


What version of CIS are you using? Can be found under Miscellaneous ā†’ About. When the system freezes is there a program using a lot of CPU cycles?

Can you show us the logs of Defense +? They can be found under Defense + ā†’ Common Tasks ā†’ View Defense + events.

I was using the latest version of CIS (I used this installer: CIS_Setup_3.10.102363.531_XP_Vista_x32.exp and I had let that update itself) unfortunately I had to uninstall it to be able to actually use my machine :confused: but If I get the time today I might reinstall it again to get some logs from d+.

I normally never use Internet explorer but I tried running that once as well and that just froze to. But I only tried to run IE once so not sure if it just crashed on its on or if it is related.

I noticed that Nostromo software for their n52 speedpad was getting allot of traffic in the log but I cant really remember if it coincided with the freezes or not. There was never any listings of either msn or FF in the logs.

The freezes seemed to happen at the exact same place during start-up of Firefox, I was following the Mem usage and VM size in task manager and it looked like it froze at more or less the same Kb values each time. Same thing for msn.

The freezes would always occur, no matter if I was running a ton of programs in the background or if I was only trying to run FF or Msn.


I reinstalled CIS and same thing happened. I let it run through all virus definitions updates and restarted my machine. Both msn and FF hangs during start-up. After disabling Google toolbar in ff safe-mode Firefox starts up no problem.

Version number on CIS: 3.10.102363.531
Virus db: 2043

Defense + log attached

Also forgot to say in the previous post. Simply disabling AV, Firewall and Defense + makes no difference. Setting Firewall alert settings to Very High gives no additional messages. Setting D+ to paranoid makes no difference either.

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