CIS Removal Tool

Howdy All -

Does Comodo offer a tool for scrubbing all installation info, including tracks left behind in the registry and/or config/log files? I would like to perform a clean install of Comodo CIS x64, but want to be absolutely sure there was nothing left behind from previous installations and un-installs of Comodo.

Thanks. . .


There’s no such tool available from Comodo, however, you might find this topic interesting:

It’ll remove almost all traces of CIS. I created the batch file by using another program, to see what files, folders and registry keys that were created by CIS, and made the batch file delete those.

Thanks Ragwing. I got it and will let you know how I make out.

Take care. . .

Just curious, what is that other program you used?

I used this:

First, you take a snapshot of the system before installing, and one after. It creates a text file with all files and registry keys, then does a comparison, and outputs another text file that lists all new items. :slight_smile: