CIS Quick-Start Video - Your Input Please


All: We are planning on producing a Video “Quick Start” guide for Comodo Internet Security.

Obvious things to include here are things relating to:

Trials for Live PC Support
Joining Threatcast
Opting in for mailings

Choosing Security Levels

“What to expect” (e.g., several security alerts at the outset)

What else do you think we should cover? Could be helpful tips, configuration steps you feel are critical, etc. We’re shooting for something that’s a little beyond the “plug and play” default configuration - i.e., if there were 2-3 things you think are really important tweaks beyond the default configuration what would suggest they are?

Many thanks.
Bill Fallon


Don’t forget to watch “Intervention” if you haven’t already! If you like it, leave a :-TU comment and tell others!

Hi Bill,

It would be helpful for many users if you let users know how to configure Comodo Internet Security for ZERO Alerts and Max Security (Please see my thread here with theory on it).



How to allow for DHCP
How to manually allow for static IPs
What to do when a NEW NETWORK DETECTED alert appears
How to configure AV to do updates at user defined intervals
turn update OFF for real time
turn ON for scheduled
turn OFF display scan progress
set up scheduled scans on a single file for the desired update interval
turn off balloon tips
voila!! user defined update intervals with no interruptions at all

Ewen :slight_smile:

Average Joe would need to know how to do with Defense+ …

  • Handle its training (many apps and the first-run situation).
  • Approve or condemn (block, quarantine) files.
  • Move files between My Safe/Blocked/Pending Files.
  • Add/Remove protected files.
  • Modify Groups (I doubt this one will get high regard).

(Basically the first three if the full list is too much)

I live with average Joes and Defense+ has turned them against CFP (before CIS became). I was, however, all for learning this highly intriguing security feature. :slight_smile: They might have been more inclined to accept and use CFP to its full potential if they learned of Defense+ before they came face to face with it.

A simple video explaining how to use firewall and defense+ in CIS. Maybe ask CIS developers to create a simple app which connects out. So user is shown running app “x” from windows explorer. defense+ pops up saying do you want to run app “x” from windows explorer. After allowing, another prompt asking for app “x” to connect out on a port number.


Explain wtf a HIPS is (to some extent) and how it works to protect “you”… And where the users should click to change security levels (proactive? what are those configurations?)… and some of the basic stuff the users first sees, “stateful/realtime”, “safe/paranoid/clean-pc whats the difference?” just touching the subjects slightly and in the end (or during the video) refer users to other videos if they want to know more about a special subject that was mentioned or if they just want to know more about CIS in general… But I think the HIPS is the thing people has hardest to understand so some kind of explanation about D+ would be great… The HIPS is probably what drives most people nuts as well, I think how to deal with popups is a great subject…

Thanks all, looks like a comprehensive set of suggestions. We’re going to fashion them into probably a series of scripts.

Keep the ideas coming.

Bill Fallon.