CIS quarantine interfering with defragmentation

Hi! I hope any developer will read this.

I have a problem with the Comodo internet security.

I wanted to do a defragment proccess on my disk because it was fraged 47%. The comodo quarantine has 3,4 MB place and it means many unmovable little parts of it. So I cant do a defragging with success. Can you solve this problem? I think the Comodo will run too slowly too as the other programs which had to act on the comodo unmovable parts. I suggest let the comodo keep a 100-300 MB space as reserved for its.

Please let me know if this problem is solved in the next versions. I really want to solve this on my computer. Thx!

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Could you give us a bit more details about the problem? With what defragmenting program does it happen? Does it also happen with other defragmentation programs or is it specific for the one program you are using?


Same problem, quarantine folder is protected and no windows programs can manage it. Course it is logic but when we clear all files quarantined the directory remains fragmented and the system can’t do anything.

WinXP-32 SP3.

Comodo Version 5.12.256249.2599

Using Microsoft Disk Defrag and Auslogic DIsk Defrag V

The quarantine folder is protected with user right limitations set to that folder. That could be blocking. A trusted application would be allowed to access a protected folder so that could not be the cause.

You can try a “take ownership procedure” for the quarantine folder and see if that gives the defragmenters the needed access rights.

The quarantine folder was given these access right limitations to protect inquisitive and inexperienced users.