CIS program update - NOT virusdata update!

Hi there,
I am using Comodo CIS Premium for free on my two notebooks. So now for a long time I have CPU issues. So even with the newest version Version 5.0.163652.1142: 11 November, 2010 I still have that problem, that cmdagent.exe is getting cpu usage from 50% up to 99%. Mouse gebings to lagg!
Hopefully there will be a fixed version soon.

But there is another main mystery. Why CIS cannot update itself? Just like updating the virus database. So before I installed manually the above version, I checked the status by misc->check for updates. It said my CIS is up to date. So I checked “about”, got an lower version number as provided on the webpage.

So I downloaded the newest actual version, tried to install. Than it said I have to uninstall the old one first, because of incompatibility. WTF? I mean ALL my configuration now is lost. Because I use all in manual mode, I have to redo all my settings. Why CIS cannot update?

Now, this is the second time I had to do it this way and it su…cks! Beside the CPU thing … :frowning:

You didn’t need to update. vxxx.1135 is the same as vxxx.1142. The only difference was a change in the installer.

For future reference, you don’t have to redo all of your settings. You can export your configurations:

More->Manage My Configurations->Export

If you want to save your Trusted Applications List, just backup the “database” folder in the CIS program directory.