CIS Pro - Install CIS premium directly.

  • No need to wait 30 days.
  • No need to mess with system date/time.
  • During install select options and as usual choose the desired install components AV, FW and ISE.

It can be done if allowed, any interest?

Has any evidence surfaced that shows the “latest Pro” version is any different or has any improvements from Premium v.8012? I haven’t seen anything yet to get me off of v.8012.

I haven’t discovered any improvements from 8012 yet. Maybe there are some maybe there’s nothing improved at all.
At least CIS Pro gets updated via Update Task, 8012 hasn’t received any updates for a long time…
I needed a way (and found it) to install Premium directly from the Pro installer because I need to have the install option to select the install component FW only as I use another AV suite which makes it impossible to install CIS Pro (running two AV suites?).

I haven’t discovered any changes either. Just use the 8012 version and the Offline Installer. If there are eventual updates to Premium it’ll get pushed through. I reverted to 8012 when I did a fresh install recently. I used the Offline Installer for simplicity where you simpley get Firewall and Antivirus opton.