cis pro 12 .. 6882 - how Optimize performance/security


I think new version are better.
But, I have off or on some options for better performance.
But at moment, after some changes in CIS pro (i buy it), I do not sure if it thye better relation performnce/security.

So, I use win 10 pro.

  • Antivirus (stateful)
  • Firewall (Custom Ruleset)
  • VirusScope (enabled)
    Others disabled.
    and warranty… not activated…

Well… I think other protection not improve performance and I think… it is not important for me.
In each modules I do not Know if I choose, more one time, the best performance/security.

Another question:
In “File Rating” → “Submitted files” I watn delete… BUT ONLY have this 2 Options:
“Clean” and “Refresh”
Well I do not want, If I think, “clean” ← I think delete HERE ut not the files… How to do for not existing this files here?

So I attach some images for it…
If someone can help me, I appreciate.
If I have to put this message in toher topic, please advise me.


My configuration: