CIS Preview Build v6217

Hi All,
We have a QA build, which fixes following issues:
1 - When users update next time to this build, trusted vendor list will not be affected and hot fix that we had to release won’t be needed.
2 - Comodo Security Agent could not be started problem upon system re-start problem
3 - In Network Settings, IP4 and IP6 entry names could be distorted.
4 - Comodo shortcuts can not be moved or deleted.
5 - Checkbox ‘Do not show privilege elevation alert’ was enabled after clean install, should have been de-selected

We are primarily looking for verification of following bug:
2 - Comodo Security Agent could not be started problem upon system re-start problem

This bug has been reported time to time in past but has got magnified in recent update and we would like users who experienced this bug to give it a try and see if they can produce the problem.

Known Errors:
Considering this is QA build, program update will show you error for program and recognizer updates. AV database will all be from production.

DISCLAIMER: This setup does not carry Beta or RC tag. This has been tested by Star Group and feedback has been good. So please try at your own risk. Also additional components are not available i.e. CCE/killswitch, rescue disk, and secure shopping.

Setup Details:
CIS Premium Full Offline Installer with Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus
Build 6217
Password: comodo231$#

We will be aiming to make release next week. So any feedback on fix or new problems is very much appreciated.


I downloaded the zip file, unzipped it. So far so good !

But when I try open the installer by clicking on it it extracts and at 96 % it is stucked !

Another problem is that I cannot export my settings because I cannot open the GUI which I reported here:

Thank you, umesh :-TU

Hi prallo,

But when I try open the installer by clicking on it it extracts and at 96 % it is stucked !
That mean you could not complete installation? if so, in order to investigate, we will need log file that can be found in following format under system's temp folder:



This can help us investigate problem further.

Another problem is that I cannot export my settings because I cannot open the GUI which I reported here:
I guess this you are re-stating about v6209 while this v6217 you could not even install?


Hi umesh!
This build v6217 it is works! Error Comodo Security Agent could not be started problem upon system re-start problem does not appear!

Pleas publish full version v6217 firewall and antivirus!

Great, lets see if more people can confirm.


I use Win10 x64 Enterprise, and this morning I decided to install the Creator’s update; which for me was downloading the ISO and following the upgrade path offered by “installing windows over windows”.

Before I upgraded to Win10 1703; however, I let CIS install the “hotfix” update (6209?).

The upgrade to Win10 seemed to go fine, CIS seemed to launch okay, and as I started moving through Win10 setup options to see what all changed… I noticed that windows was not activated, I retried and received error code: 0xC004F200.

I clicked the activation troubleshooter and it popped up an issue… see CIS_Guard64_dll.png … basically stating the Comodo DLL is incompatible.

Noticed there was this 6217 CIS build and ran that installer… which uninstalled the previous CIS version, rebooted, installed itself, I updated my settings, and rebooted again.

I went to retry activating windows, failed exactly as before, I clicked the troubleshooter and it popped up the same issue… see CIS_Guard64_dll-2.png

This is my live/production PC… so I am going to roll my system back (thank god for Macrium). Hopefully what I have documented here is useful as I don’t plan to retry CIS+Win10_1703 unless someone knows the fix or a new CIS version is released.

EDIT: When I look up Activation error code: 0xC004F200… it seems to be related to windows not being genuine. I know I didn’t download my ISO from the typical MS action pack location, but instead grabbed a copy from the MSDN site where I was downloading VS2017 anyway… so maybe the iso is somehow not compatible with my previous MAPS installed ISO (crossed ID / Key ranges)? doesn’t make sense, but maybe… so I’m not ruling out a Win10 ISO/Key/ID install issue.

EDIT 2: After rollback (macrium restore), I made sure to confirm my windows was still activated… so we can cross off “Windows wasn’t activated when I upgraded”

Thanks Daniel,
We are going to produce in Win10 x64 Enterprise and get back.


Indeed, Macrium Reflect is a lifesaver when dealing with things like these. It has saved me several times and it especially helps a lot when testing software. :-TU This post is a bit off-topic, which I apologise for.

Thank You umesh!

I added some notes about Activation error code: 0xC004F200 in my original post

EDIT: I contacted MS’s live support and learned they have not packaged the ISO for MAPS release (generally RTM versions). I suspect that Enterprise isn’t going to get it right away (based on the phased rollout planned); which I think means all the win10 home and pro users are still beta testing the release :-TD

I’ll plan my next update attempt when either the ISO is released, or when the auto-update covers Win10 enterprise… whichever comes first.

Apparently it is not possible here to check upgrade for recognizers and program

What is this?

It lets you switch between showing Comodo processes that are normally contained when something is contained. e.g. cmdvirth.exe which is the comodo virtualization service and the svchost processes that it normally launches.

Hi everyone!
Preview build v6217 has fixed problem with “Comodo agent could not launch…”! And no reappearing icon now. Thanks, umesh!!!

Sometimes HIPS rules are destroyed after system start.
See attachments.
Win7 x64 Enterprise with SP1.
VSE 8.8 Patch 8.

Hi, umesh!

Is it worth waiting for a new version today?

Known issue for quite some time. It’s under investigation.

The win10 Enterprise auto-update kicked in last night, but I waited until this morning (after the next daily Macrium image backup). The update went smoothly (with CIS 6209 installed, again installed/updated before win10 did it’s update) and my windows stayed activated this time. I really think the MSDN ISO was a key part of the puzzle for my initial Win10 inactivated finding, but it doesn’t explain why the activation troubleshooter pointed to guard64.dll.

Because Win10 is activated, the link to the Activation Troubleshooter is no longer available to me, so I am unable to verify if the problem actually still exists or not. Like most folks with an activated windows, the issue may be lying hidden.

I am on the fence about installing CIS 6217 only because it ends up removing killswitch, and I feel naked without it. I feel it’s safe to assume though that because there is no longer visible evidence against 6209 interfering with an activation (failure) that hasn’t reoccurred… that 6217/Win10 would behave the same.

Not today, around ~21st April.