CIS Prevents Computer Back-Up

My computer is set to back-up all files at least once per day to an external hard drive. A few days ago, CIS started treating the “shadow files” used for back-up as a potential virus, and putting them in quarantine. CIS never did this before. Even if I “restore” the back-up files, I don’t think they reach that external hard drive. My computer keeps telling me the back-up failed, and CIS keeps putting the back-ups in quarantine.

Can anyone suggest a solution?

I use Vista Home Premium, SP2, on an HP Pavillion with 3 GB of RAM.

I found the solution: temporarily disable both Anti-virus and Defense+ and my computer can back up its files.

If there’s a way to allow back-up without temporarily disabling CIS, I’d like to hear about it. If there’s no way now, a way should be found.

I’d be grateful for a response by the experts here.

Submit the False Positives here:

Or add the folder with the shadow files into the exclution list of the AV. (look at attached picture)

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So far as I know, there’s no folder, unless you mean the folder created by CIS. My computer backs up onto the K drive, where any new or modified files are stored. If I added the CIS folder to the exception list, I don’t know that the files would end up on the external drive where they belong. It sounds like adding an extra step of putting the files in a folder, and then sending the folder to the external drive, which may not be set up to receive a folder.

If I’ve got this all wrong (which I probably have), please explain. Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to respond.

Set your AV resident shield to not automatically quarantine the files.You can add k:\ to the AV exclusions but do keep in mind that an external disk is treated as an unsafe entity like a USB drive. That means that the exceptions are remembered for the Windows session (rebooting will result in the loss of remembering the exceptions). This is by design.

Best solution is to submit the False Positives. You can try to temporarily exclude the source folders.

I seem to have solved the problem by using registry clean/fix software. Back-ups have been working normally since I did that. The good news is that CIS wasn’t the cause of the problem.

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the support.