cis premium

dose any one know why iv been upgraded to premium?
im sure it wasnt that… before the shield was silver and now its red with a “C” in it whats going on?

Yes you are the lucky one.

But so are we all who have updated to version 5, CIS 2011.

but whys it happened melih being generous or something? i appreciate it but wasnt asked. just assumed. i DO appreciate it.

It’s just a change of name, I would think to show that the free version is the best and there is no extra security if you choose the paid version.

isnt that self defeating then?

Premium is free. Just another name. People wanted the free version to sound “less cheap” so they renamed it to premium.

As stated above, Comodo has changed the name from CIS free to CIS premium. CIS premium is still free.

Comodo does not limit or restrict any of the functions in the free version In other words, all functions are fully enabled in the free version.

If you wish to pay for additional support services (such as user support), you can add them. See this post for the various service packages you can purchase.