CIS Premium configuration tips for a family pc?


I have use Avast free antivirus + Windows firewall and opendns for a long time now. And eveything is ok, but I want to switch Comodo Internet Security Premium onto all of my pc’s because it seems more secure. How can I configure CIS premium for security on a family of beginner pc users? Also, Are their any benefits that I get with Comodo that I don’t get with Avast free?

It may be helpful to read a guide I wrote about How to Install Comodo Firewall. In the first section it discusses the usefulness of using a HIPS, which is what the Defense+ portion of CIS is.

Also, although it will be a little more work at first, I would definitely follow the advice in the Installing Comodo Internet Security section about whitelisting every program and file on the computer. This will make it much easier to use.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.