CIS (paid version) GUARANTEE questions

It has been said that the Guarantee has become available worlwide.
But all documentation shows its only available in the US:

Also when you install the product it says US only.
Will this at some point be changed?
What happens if someone from outside US gets infected, and wants to claim the Guarantee?
Will the answer be: “sorry, only US”?

Looking at the section 3.3:
If a Comodo support representative cannot
connect to the computer because of the malware, the limited guarantee does not apply.

Why the guarantee doesnt apply it the connection its being interrupted by malware, a malware that penetrated CIS?

Please, dont answer: “we havent seen any malware that can do that while using CIS”, because you know that there is no 100% blocking.

And last question, what does this mean?
“To qualify for a payment under the limited guarantee, you must allow Comodo access to each
infected computer and must assist Comodo in any manner necessary to remove the malware
and repair the computer. Failure to cooperate with a Comodo representative voids the
guarantee. The instructions and steps necessary to fix the computer and provide the support
are in the Comodo representative’s sole discretion.”

If the COMODO representative says that I reinstall the OS, and I dont want to because CIS should have protected me in first place, and I dont have the time to reinstall the OS… would that void the guarantee because its taken as “failure to cooperate with a Comodo representative…”?


Melih announced the world wide coverage recently in the mod board, which was before you started your current topics. I trust Melih’s word on that.

The web site may not reflect the changes yet but I believe the service is there or will be there soon.

mod edit: typo corrected x 2. kail

I trust his word too.
Forgot to write “in the mean time”.
If someone outside the US its eligible for the Guarantee, will that case be included even if every documentation by now says only US?

What about my other 2 questions remaining?

Thank you.

I cannot comment on those two questions as I am not a Comodo employee so I don’t know all the nuts and bolts of the service.

Thanks EricJH.

Perhars a COMODO employee its brave enough to answer those 3 questions?