CIS offline installer download links

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its beta version where is the offline stable version?

None yet. They’re supposed to be available with the next Hot Fix release.

after install offline instaler is in this path.

That’s true, but you have to install CIS to get to those installers. How do you install CIS on a machine that doesn’t have an internet connection?

Forgive me, but my question is; Why would one need an internet security suite on a computer not connected to the Internet?

the problem is, if you uninstall cis 8 and then install cis 10, there is a time when you are online, but you dont have any protection…

CIS does an initial scan upon installation. If there is a virus that was picked up, it will let you know.
I have yet to experience a virus entering my system from the short time the protection is down.
So your argument is invalid.
Just to go one step further, last week when I re-installed the OS and all the software I use, CIS was the very last thing I installed (Windows Firewall was on during this period). Again, NO virus/trojan, bad script etc was introduced to my system. And my system was online the entire process.

I have 5 machines and I don’t want to download the program every time for each machine! I wanted to install it on an offline machine to play around with it before committing my main machine. I had a disaster with v8.0 and I don’t want that to happen again with my main machine.

only because it didnt happen it doesnt mean it could happen :slight_smile:

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one time install comodo 10 with online installer , u can find comodo ofline instaler in this path :
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because comodo instaler download it on your device then instal it
go to this path an can find ofline instaler package with 130mg file size
(or if u cant find it wait until comodo release official ofline installer)

I know all that. I don’t want CIS 10 on my main machine now.

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