CIS Notifications Stops Working Randomly

I am running Windows 10 v1903 18362.418 and CIS

One of the issues that have been driving me crazy for the past month or so is that I have noticed that after my computer has been booted for some time (and perhaps after some sleep-boot cycles), application notifications (those asking to see if you want to allow an application or not) would stop appearing. When that happens, Comodo does an implicit deny on these applications (shown under the Blocked applications list in the Comodo UI) and the application requesting Internet access may be stuck in a hang state. I have to manually kill these applications, create a rule inside application rule, and then restart the application. Certification applications that can’t be killed this way often lead to system instability and eventually, the whole system has to be forcefully rebooted. I noticed that when CIS is stuck at this state, right-clicking the tray icon and selecting Exit will have absolutely no effect whatsoever. The only way of fixing this issue temporarily is to reboot the system (although notifications will stop working after some time again).

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling CIS, but the problem still persists.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?

ı can confirm

This has already happened to me, but it was the corrupted system, problems with components like RAM, motherboard faulty circuits.
I happened to accidentally block some system application which generates instability, crash … new version files system…

check the system files;
add system files to CIS safe file list

nothing to do with os files or hardware problems it sometimes happens sometimes not

Hi memo1337,

kindly Check your PM and provide us the info.