CIS not that nice behavior

Occasionally when no rebooting computer for a while (few weeks) CIS decides to virtualize executable files even if those have been added to Trusted files when contained (shown in Contained Apps) and continues to virtualize those and not shown in File list until reboot and after reboot CIS allows executables to be added to Trusted files (again in Contained apps) and those appear on File list as trusted.

Not a big bug just mild annoyance since rebooting always takes time and programs need to be re-opened after reboot.

Hi cuser,

We will check this issue. Could you please let us know the files that are being contained and the containment log.

Tasks → Advanced Tasks → View logs → Containment Events

atm cont. log is empty. those exes were renpy made excecutables to start game and while CIS has behavior to block some and some pass w/o blocking some get “permanent block (virtualization)” until next reboot and files aded to Trusted files before reboot work fine or after adding those to Trusted files again (in Containment).

Please check with thanks.

I have 7062 installed but not sure if CIS still misbehaves or not, still virtualizes some exes but those can be added to trusted list and then no more virtualixing of that.