CIS - no automatically updates any more


I’m using CIS Premium free since a few years on my 2 computers (notebook, HTPC) and I’m very happy with that so far.

But since 2 weeks or so all the CIS don’t update automatically. After three days they only show notification (old signatures).

HTPC: runs 24/7, internet access 24/7, Windows 7 X64, newest CIS, see screenshots below
notebook: runs every day for at least 1 hour, Windows XP X86, same CIS version as at HTPC

So what’s the problem here?

Thanks and regards - Stefan

There is a new version but you have install it manually - above the old one or clean -.;msg847860#msg847860

Thanks for the reply.

I upgraded manually and now all is fine.

Not exactly direct after upgrading because the new CIS (or exactly the Internet Security Essentials) killed my Laptop.

Would be nice when Comodo installs some stuff on my computer I wasn’t asked for then it’s better pretested.
Or even better: just ask before installing something…

I had to uninstall it via “safe mode” and now it’s fine.


Too early…

The Windows 7 machine doesn’t update with the new v10 too

outdated signature and warning after 3 days

actual CIS version

default auto-update settings

and the XP machine can’t do auto updates and even manual updates end up with a failure message like this (the code changes every time)

Any advice how to fix this?

Please provide a link to diagnostics report.
(question mark (?) > support > diagnostics)

Make sure CPU supports SSE2 instructions.