CIS Menu won't open?

I installed CIS Firewall on a new computer, and for some reason I cannot open the menu at all. After completing the install, the widget will show in the top right like normal. However, if I right click and go to “Open…”, nothing happens. If I open task manager and do this, it opens another instance of cis.exe, which then immediately closes. The current cis.exe seems to be doing nothing.

Of course I can’t terminate any faulty EXEs, because CIS prevents you from doing so.

What gives? Software wish higher privileges than the end user should not be having these kinds of basic issues. I can’t do anything with CIS installed. Trying to update my video card drivers made the install completely stop, I’m assuming because it was supposed to pop up a defense+ alert asking for my clearance, but none are showing.

I’ve had this firewall work fine on multiple computers, but not this one. What gives? Reinstalling didn’t fix it.

Did you try reinstalling CIS following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron? That will provide a reliable clean starting point.

What other security programs do you have installed and which ones are running in the background alongside the firewall? An important step in Chrion’s guide is to remove possible traces of previously installed security programs. Please make sure to follow that step as possible left overs can sometime cause strange effects.