CIS massive slowdown on Win7 x64

I installed CIS 4 on my Windows 7 x64, and i restarted system, and then when it booted up, i couldnt do anything for about 10 minutes.
I tried firefox, task manager, nothing. I could browse through folders ( My Computer,Documents, etc. ), but none of the programs didn’t work.
So I disabled CIS from startup and everything workes fine.
I have 4GB RAM, and AMD 940 quad core CPU.

Hi Ad4pt3r,

Thanks for providing some info about your system & platform (some users don’t do even that :slight_smile: )
At the same time, have you ever tried installing CIS?
Have you ever used CIS on this computer or that was your 1st installation?
Are you using the whole Suite or just the Firewall?

What other security in place?
Did you disable native windows firewall - (must do!)?

I am using 3.14 (Firewall only) on win 7 x64 works brillianlty! - no slowdowns, you cannot even feel it

IE8 32bit / 64bit working fine (not using that though) / the latest Firefox is a main browser with ~ 35 Add-ons - the main browser ; The latest Chrome is working as well
note: I used “- no-sandbox” parameter for Chrome but tat is Chrome’s problem - Comodo Firewall is not to blame.
All is incredibly fast & functioning

Tested with latest Avast / Avira (better) / Emsisoft Anti-Malware v5 (the best!) … some other AV solutions… even MSE was in place (but I dropped it) in conjunction with others & so on…

Please try v3.14

v4 with its integrated “sandbox” will give you nothing except troubles ans false sense of security it does not work properly anyway.

… but… despite my personal disliking & a complete rejection of v4 - please provide more details for Comodo developers

My regards

Thank you for your help. I used v 3.14 and everything worked fine, and I was curious abour v4. I thought that Defense+ is improved which is the main reason why I’m using Comodo.
I have Avast 5 and i tried installing CIS 4 without AV and my problem occurs…
So you suggest that I should return to V 3.14…
Is there a big difference in HIPS between two versions. Thank you.

On my Seven x64 everything looks good and smooth.
Did you install whole suite? If yes try without AV.

I installed without AV, only firewall and Defense+.

Don’t be curious about v4

No it was not improved unfortunately … it could be though … but the, main reason of v4 and “not-a-sandbox” integration was decreasing the the number of Alerts , which I don’t have at all anyway having ~700 installations & testing/ updating different Software Packages

That is my opinion and many users already reverted to that one.
The v3.14 Firewall is strong (even v2.4 is better than most of existing ones).
The Defence+ is the same… hundreds of excellent suggestions from the Wish List were never implemented & who knows “when or ever” … now it is all about constant fixing wrong implementation of the sandbox