CIS making an app crash on save

I always have one 3D program that crashes, and right after Comodo seems to be active. So I think it’s blocking the applications processes made in the background. I tried disabling comodo, and i didn’t have any crashes. The app saves very regularly in various locations and most of the crashes are on saving the file I’m working on, which it never can do in those moments. I’ve checked with other colleagues that have the same PC setup as me, but they don’t have any issues (also they don’t use comodo). Any advice welcome.

What is the best setup in comodo to give an app like this complete freedom? I’ve added the app as allowed, but not sure if that was enough as I still have issues. Do I need to add various folders, paths, other exe files belonging to the app?


Hi Sarah.

Can you please go into your CIS Logs and then look under each category e.g. HIPS, Auto-Containment, etc to see what (if anything) has been blocked?

You can run the application again and make a test save to see if anything else is entered into the logs.

Please screen shot what you find and upload them here so we can take a look to try and help you.

Kind regards,


Hello SarahJones,

Thank you for reporting.Could you please list out the application name while crashing? and also let me know your CIS & Windows version,Please?

Thanks for your replies. I will test again when I’m back at the computer tomorrow.

Adobe Substance Painter 2020.1.3
windows 10 home x64 (2004, os build 19041.329)

Hello SarahJones,

Thank you for your response. I will check that and get back to you.
Have a nice day :slight_smile: