CIS keeps asking to send crash reports after a reinstall

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I had an issue this morning when an OS update ran in the middle of a scheduled AV scan, causing CIS to start blocking the applications required for it, and the CIS client would refuse to open any windows to fix the issue even after a reboot. In the end I had to uninstall and reinstall CIS and it finally updated. But after being warned the firewall wasn’t working correctly and rebooting to fix the issue, now CIS keeps asking me to send crash reports every few minutes. Including one of the crash dumps as a Drive link, as I couldn’t attach it.

Hi CinderBH,

Thank you for reporting.

  1. May i know your your CIS version ?
  2. Win version along with your system bit type ?


Thank you for replying.

  1. Current version is
  2. Windows 10 Home 64 Bit (version 21H2)

(Also while I said every few minutes, oddly it stopped after I created the first post - don’t know if it will happen again though.)

EDIT: It happened again, three times.

Hmm, it may be best to:

  1. Restart windows in Safe Mode
  2. Run CIS Cleanuptool
  3. Restart windows in normal mode
  4. Reinstall CIS (run installer as admin)

Well, if it’s solvable with a less radical solution, I’d prefer to wait for the first mod’s reply first.

I understand.
You could try to roll back the windows update in question to check if the issue disappears, if it does not than I’m afraid that CIS has become unstable somehow.

Something I noticed though is that the crash dump file is always the same, unchanged down to the date and hour in the properties. It’s as if it’s asking me to send the same dump from the first crash multiple times.

Suppose you rename that crash dump file (or maybe better move it to another directory) would that stop CIS trying to send the crash dump file over and over again?

I suppose it can’t hurt to try at least that before I tuck in for the night.

EDIT: Huh, six hours and I wake up to no messages. I guess that did work?

If you want proof, rename/move that crash dump file back to its original filename/directory. :slight_smile:

Hi CinderBH,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
kindly uninstall your running CIS and then install CIS again.
Let us know if you still gets the crash report.


Well, both the uninstall and the reinstall went a lot better this time. Haven’t seen any crash reports since. Hopefully that fixed it.

Hi CinderBH,

Thank you for your feedback.
Kindly report back if you get crash report again.