CIS is not updating in Win xp

Hi all,
I really need some advice on m y following issue, from last couple of days I am totally got fed up with my computer system and missed lot of work.

I am using comodo internet security premium product version: 5.4.189822.1355 and virus signature database version: 18997

My computer system details are as windows xp professional (32 bit) with SP2.
System and antivirus was working OK but from last couple of days facing problem with virus databases update signature and system become slow. Database was not updated and getting error that failed update, check your internet connection and retry.

Yesterday uninstalled/ reinstalled antivirus as well, now I updated virus signature databases manually and copy/past file bases.cav into scanner folder and changed existed one file into bases.old.

but still there is message that virus signature is not up to date so when I click on it there is some update around 532 MB, till 6% some file downloading then jumped straight to 46 % and at 49% I get again same message, failed to update virus signature database, check your internet connect and retry.

Remember that I already downloaded bases.cav file manually from Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022

How to fix above problem, any advice please.
Many thanks in advance.

There is no fix for this, You should read here

and here

the only way is to manually update bases.cav from time to time or install different (newer) version, which is NOT a solution and I will not do it.

For me the problem disappeared today, I suggest You to see one of the two topics linked above to see how it worked.