CIS is blocking Xampp

so I have a issue with CIS 2012 DB version: 12990

I am using Xampp HTTP server pack which has Apache HTTP server and mySQL database. So far within the LAN everything works fine, but once I try to connect to my webpage outside of my LAN it gets blocked. I know it is CIS because once I disable the Firewall it works. Turn Firewall back on it fails to load. once again this is only when not on the same network as the server system.


Without much detail.
It sounds like you have your LAN as a Trusted Zone in CIS. So all in/out LAN is good.

But have you made Global/Application Firewall Rules to open the ports that the Server “listens” on?


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the sounds familar “Bad Frogger”… i think you might be on the right page.

under Network Security Properties i have made a set of ports(under the last tab “Ports Sets”) 80, 443, 3306

then I have under the “Application Rules” for Xampp-control panel set with my Port Sets
and same with Global Rules

and yet it still does not work.

I wouldn’t mind a list of settings for the firewall to allow Xampp server to be accessible Global.

This stuff can get complicated real fast.

Have you looked into your Firewall logs to see exactly what it is blocking?
This would help to review your rules to find the “bung up”.

Ensure you have the right protocols, directions, ports, IP’s or lack thereof in this case.
Also ensure your rules are not placed below other rules which may block the traffic before it filters down to your Allow rules.


ah, thank you.
all i had to do was re-organize my list. :slight_smile:

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You are welcome.
Glad to have helped in some way.