CIS installer file size 24 MB or 50 MB?

am sorry if i post in the wrong section or this question been raised before
usually i download CIS from this site using the link provided in fourm…but today i downloaded it from other site
it was only 24 MB with name (cis_setup_x86.msi) hash (BA53E57AD1869D705C9823877C081395)
i was doubtful about that file so i deleted it and downloaded from softpedia links and it was 50 MB
but when i run it, one of the extracted files to temp was same one i already deleted with size 24MB
and all temp folder was about 30 MB
so the both files i downloaded are same? and why that big difference in size? ???

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CIS installer should be 48Mb and exe format and not msi.


thanks for your quick respond
maybe this link can make things easier
i downloaded the first file from that link

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I have looked and the cis_setup_x86.msi is 24Mb but I don’t know why; I don’t know the difference between exe files and msi files.

To be on the safe side I would recommend you to try to download CIS for


ok i will do then…thanks for supporting
but curiosity still killing me 88)

i will check for you what the difference is :slight_smile: it can be a different comprised installer file.

here is good explanation that I found.

Exe files
Exe’s are just executables that help to add value or data to the system. But they may not help in maintaining the integrity of the system as such.

[/b]MSI files[/b]
Whereas Msi’s are executables that not only help with clean installation but also with clean uninstallation of any application thereby restoring back the stability of the OS.


really cool information …but now that makes a real paradox …if msi for repair and maintaining, then it should have more size not less and anyone would prefer msi file than exe file O.o

true but msi doesn’t not contain info for pre-configurations exe files are also quite new compared to msi files that are older.


thank you sir, i got it now :-TU

my pleasure:)