CIS Installer failing - help please.

I have been using Comodo firewall free on this PC with a third party AV (long history)
I have paid CIS on a few other newer PCs.
I decided to ditch 3rd party AV as its last upgrade has caused a fair few problems on this PC.
I want to install a licensed current CIS on this PC (Windows 7 64bit sp1)
Decided to clean install so uninstalled the firewall and then tried to install using ciscomplete_installer_8_2_0_4792.
This failed with a installer corrupt error (refer attached) >:(
I have tried various CIS installers (one indicated the installer error is caused by the windows installer - is this CFP_Setup.msi?).

To get back to base I re-installed the firewall (from an old version Circa 2011 - this installer does not fail) and then apply updates.
I then tried to upgrade from within this. This caused an error stating - needed to upgrade via version 7 to get to version 8.
Did a brief search I could not find this on COMODO website. I do not like downloading security products from third party sites, but luckily did find an archive of version 7 from 2014.
This failed to install with the same error as the attached. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastest attempt to install I ran (as admin) cispremium_installer_x64 v7.0.55655… with logging option I can’t find the logging file. This failed with 67% on the dial and generated an extra error:
Cannot install COMODO Internet Security
Error: 4294967295. (null)

After each fail, I have to re-install the 2011 firewall and then apply upgrades (this installer does not fail).

I have not had any installation issues on this PC - been very stable. My guess is there are some left over settings in the registry - an area I can edit but not out of choice.
Is there a clean-up tool for the registry?
So can someone give me a lead or instructions to follow so I can install the current CIS product?
(There is a post from 2010 covering install problems using DebugView etc - is this current?)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

What happens when you use the add/remove components option of the uninstaller? That will allow you to add the AV component without a clean install. The shortcut to the add/remove components uninstaller can be found in the start menu.

Or if you want to clean install follow Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems.