CIS installations with Windows7

I recently purchased 2 new laptops. Both came with Windows7. One is W7-64 bit and the other is W7-32 bit. I am uncertain if I should install the full CIS suite on either or both machines. I have used the full CIS suite on several XP machines with no difficulties. I have been reading that Windows FW on Windows 7 needs to stay on (not sure why). I’ve searched the forum but was unable to find any general consensus on whether or not I can use the full CIS suite with Windoews 7. Is there any general agreement on the the do’s and don’ts of installing CIS on a windows 7 PC? Can you install the entire suite of should I only install the AV and Defense+? Thanks in advance, Jim

I could not get Comodo firewall to run with Windows 7 64 bit. See here:
I’m sure there are people running it, but it didn’t work for me under Windows 7. I have no problems with Comodo firewall and XP.

hello there. CIS 32bits on seven PT-PT x86(32bits) working fine so far. i’ve turn off windows firewall to avoid conflits. i’ve runned CIS setup was admin to garante that windows didn´t lock anything during install…