CIS installation

I would like to have a firewall and anti-virus running on my laptop without them tripping each other up. CIS sounds fine and I can try it for thirty days before paying which is good.

I have at present Avast a/v and Comodo Firewall Pro. Do I need to uninstall CFP before I install CIS and will a straight uninstall of Avast using the Windows Vista facility suffice or is something more exotic needed.

Apologies if these seem foolish questions but my computer knowledge is somewhat limited.

Richard Tanner

I would uninstall CFP, and Avast. When uninstalling avast also use the avast uninstall utility Avast Removal Tool | Download Avast Clear | Avast after the normal installer is done.

then when that is done download CIS from here and proceed with the install, also please read every page of the install carefully and decide if you want to install that part or not, don’t just click next really fast.

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Also, CIS is free to use. You only have to pay if you want the PRO version with special services.
(see here:

Also, if you would like to keep Avast you can install CIS without the AV.

Isn’t the free version of CIS without the anti-virus just what I have now, CFP?

I have been quite happy with Avast and CFP seems to be happy running along with it, except that I am having a problem with updates and having searched in the forum I found a solution which sadly made little if any sense to me, and I couldn not find anywhere to ask for help. Is there a forum where help for CFP can be found?

Richard Tanner

Nope. The firewall, AV, and Defense+ are 100% free. You have to uninstall the old CFP and install CIS to get the AV too.

You can download it here:

Firewall Help board can be found here: