CIS installation problem

Good morning,

Maybe you could help me with my problems with installing CIS.
Configuration is - windows xp sp2, amd barthon 2800+, 786mb ram, more then 5gb of free sapce.

I have installed comodo on a few computers with windows xp sp2 and this is the first one witch such problem.

After running installation it asks me to reboot, and after rebooting nothing happens. There are no processes running, there is no icon by the clock, and when i click on cpf.exe nothing happens.
There is a catalog created in program files with all the files, but non of the exe files does not run.

I know that propably the best way to deal with it would be to reinstall windows, but unfortunatly its an old company computer, and its not possible to delete windows.

Please help me, i`ve been dealing with that problem for 7 hours, and im exhausted with it.
and sugestions ??

ps. there is almost nothing installed on the computer, but there may be malwarebytes antimalware and xpantispy on the computer…

pps. sorry for my poor english

best regards

[edit] strange thing, but after installing it my internet connection died, and after uninstalling it became alive :slight_smile:

May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

[edit] strange thing, but after installing it my internet connection died, and after uninstalling it became alive

Have you tried to disable the firewall and check then?

i`ll try it tommorow, thank you.
However i think its not the problem. there was kaspersky is installed, but it was installed on all those computers, and non of them had such problem.

i`ve tried to run windows firewall but i got the message that the service can not start.
May it be the problem ? I think that windows firewall might have been disabled by the xpantispy software

(the thing is i had same problem not only when i tried to install cis, but also when i tried to install only comodo antivirus from a separate installation file)

I strongly urge you to run the Kaspersky clean up tool just to be sure the problem is not caused by left behind driver or service.

I never liked xpantispy. It forces its opinion on one’s computer. I had to undo stuff it changed I didn’t want to be changed.