CIS installation file

I’m using CIS 5 (installed from 50.2MB x86 exe dated 24/9 build 1142) and I’ve got updater notice.
After “updating” no boot required - so I guess just updater version checking stuff.
I’ve downloaded “current” 88) CIS and now it’s about 30.7MB, dated 17/11 and same build (1142).

I’m a bit puzzled ??? by size difference …

yup…got the same update…but nothing seems installed…no reboots…may be a minor one ha…ha

It’s just a trusted vendors list update

Same topics here…

With respect, I wasn’t asking about the update content,

… my questions was about the change in installation file reflected from the update (size reduced by ~40% or ~20MB).

The file size difference is because the packing or compressing of the .exe file (Same Version) has now been optimized to make for smaller downloads.

I like when they update the Trusted vendor list. :-TD

Then I must delete manually every entry in this list because I want to decide who I trust and who I don´t trust.


I agree! They should bring back the option to disable the use of the Trusted Vendors List to the user! :-\

+1 :-TU