CIS Inbound / Outbound connections wrong displayed [M1973]


i’ve noticed some Bug or issue related to the display of firewall Inbound / Outbound connections. Application display as example 8 Inbound connections and 100 outbound, however when i check the connections i don’t see any connection as inbound and outbound are less.

When i disable whole internet connection or set the firewall to “Block All” connections are still visible and seems doesn’t change even if there is no internet connection at all.

System Details:

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Windows 10 Pro (Build 14393)
Firewall and Windows defender disabled
Firewall mode: Safe mode


Please attach a diagnostics report.



Attached the diag report.

Well. This one’s confusing but I think it is by design as I have observed the following :

  1. What we are seeing is probably not real-time statistics but more of average value (implies a time interval, eg every 30s, as the case with values displayed on windows like updateUI ; as opposed to values displayed on CisWidget)
  2. Not all connections are displayed but if you will click on “More” button you will notice that Inbound+Outbound is pretty much the same value at “Network Connections” (in KillSwitch)

What do you think?


i’ve done some cross checks and indeed it doesn’t show real time connections properly at all, which it’s strange… I’m user CIS for many years never had such issue. from KillSwitch it’s show different connections than the expanded connection view from the CIS.

what makes me worry it’s that probably if he don’t see the connections properly he will not filter the connection properly

While I couldn’t replicate, I do know that when you set the firewall to Block All, that the connections do not automatically reset and get cleared from the active connections window, they will clear out after the connections time out and CIS updates the active connections to reflect those timed out canceled connections.

Yes I too was thinking something like this could be the issue. IP connections can occupy a number of different states, it’s not necessarily true that CIS and Killswitch will treat those states in the same way, particularly if one is active in relation to the states and the other is not. You can even set some routers to behave differently for example in respect of the amount of time they hold a dormant connections open for and so on.

the problem i think it’s that not detect the connection status most of the time, i’ve done few test swtiching off the connection, however displays are different in each place, even with killswitch some TCP (http) connections are displayed as stablised even when no connection to internet it’s available and doesn’t change.

might be some conflict with the adapter or W10 configuration? i don’t remember have this issue before, maybe is not priority but i would like to have as before clear view of connections or be sure that filtering / rules are applied correctly even if they’re not displayed

[at]pepi0, is it frozen (after 1-2 min) like that with established connections? If it’s a brief delay then it’s normal; otherwise it will spike CPU usage.

PS: Could you maybe provide a value on delay? I think a maximum of 30 seconds should be OK. Kind of.

i did the test, currently it took around 50sec to 1 min to clear up the stablished connections (on Killswitch).
Regarding CIS connection summary it’s totally freeze, didn’t change the values, on the connection viewer of CIS there is some change but didn’t clear up all connections.

This should be fixed with Comodo Internet Security V10.0.0.6071 Beta if you are still experiencing this issue please make a reply thanks.

Sorry about late reply, is there a way to upgrade from Stable version to Beta without do full uninstall?


In the meantime, stable version was released. You could check it again when internal update is available.

Thank you.

yep ! i noticed :stuck_out_tongue: i’ve manually downloaded the package since from the App updater seems wasn’t available yet, after test since yesterday night i think the connections are correctly displayed in “Real time” and i don’t see strange fixed inbound or outbound connections.

Thanks for your support that make this software one of the best :wink:

Glad it’s solved. Thanks.