CIS in Servers

Should the CIS add support for Servers?

I vote yes
From what I can see There is no Product that can offer Protection for the Servers and Since Comodo have a large businesses partners I think that this should be good both the E-Commerce and the Company.

What do you guys think?

Yes Yes Yes!!!

Windows Home Server especially, with console integration. Not sure about a firewall though, it would need to be pre-configured to allow WHS to allow certain ports access as most machines are “headless”. The WHS market is growing rapidly, get on the bandwagon guys!!

Yes. +1

I vote yes.

I already use Comodo for 5 (3 desktops/2 laptops) boxes in my home. However, the Windows Home Server 2011 doesn’t have any protection yet.

My home router also uses Comodo DNS and the IP address updater incase ISP changes my D-IP address.

I’m also looking to have the WHS 2011 be a proxy, filter content from the kids, and log computers. A program/service that I’d be willing to pay for to keep specific content from reaching my kids.

+1. Currently running CIS 5.8 on my win srv 2008 r2, no problem so far. But I feel not comfortable seeing no official document saying server supported. :cry: