CIS I'm astonished.

In fact, I’ve tried a lot of protection programs for many years, and I hear about Comodo Antivirus :smiley: (or:Comodo Internet Security :o) but I didn’t dare to tried, and after I installed it more than a month; I surprised strongly to this free force and full protection ,and spared the years old and whom are paid money expensive programs such as: Norton, Kaspersky, and others.

I like the comment of a “French” about the presence of the CIS in (ranked 20) in one of popular download sites such translated:

" Too bad that we don’t review most often always download sites, because it will show the people rather than putting Avast or Avira this will be more efficient to comodo internet security because it will be more beneficial and in terms of safety. see more at testovirus or performance of this security suite you’ll be surprised at all; Avast or Avira case there’s no sandbox and even of free firewall. the security of a PC is also the quality of protection that was offered. everyone should installed 100% safe and designed by leading safety. please has installed. thank you ".

Thank you Omski21!

really appreciate it.


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