CIS icon in system tray not visible

Windows 10 pro,Comodo firewall

Just installed the firewall,using cruelsister,all is fine,apart from the fact the red CIS icon in system tray, taskbar to the bottom right, 4 out of 5 times does not appear.
It seems not to show up,but it is there and if i hover the mouse on it i have all the menu at my disposal: it only seems non existent,but it is there and working. Not a big deal,but anybody has an idea about it?

Hi Rapids,

Thank you for reporting.
We are aware of this issue.
Kindly exit the CIS from the taskbar then restart the pc & check.


I casually found the solution: first move DISABLE real time Windows Security, 2nd open
gpedit.msc and put on ACTIVE the rule DISABLE Microsoft Defender, 3rd extract and run, reboot and from now there’ll be no malfunction of icons after you install another antivirus, in my case Kaspersky Free.

It is still an ongoing issue from 2019… fortunately doesn’t affect functionality.