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Hello, is it true that if you get Comodo internet security for free that it will detect malware and viruses and spyware, but it won’t remove them?

No, that is not true.

well why when I am at the Comodo website do the support people always tell me differently?

I suspect that they are telling you that with the free version, you can’t use the GeekBuddy service to have a technician remove the malware for you. GeekBuddy requires a paid subscription.

However, the user can remove malware themselves using the free version of Comodo Internet Security.

It malware is detected, a screen will pop up asking if you want to use GeekBuddy to remove the malware for you. Simply check the box that says, no, I will remove it myself.

when I have talked to them, they never ever mentioned the geekbuddy service.

What exactly did they say?

well, first I emailed them and asked if the free version can detect and remove the malware, spyware, and viruses and they told me that the free version will detect the malware and viruses, but if you want to get rid of them, you have to pay money for the Pro for a year, however, the free one and the paid one do the same thing and have the same antivirus and anitmalware scanner, so i got suspicious because if they both have the same thing, they must work the same. I then used the Chat button to chat about it. The person who took my chat told me the same thing and I copied and pasted the link in the chat box where it says it finds and cleans malware and viruses and then a few minutes later, he wrote back and said that the link I sent him was blank, which it wasn’t, because I checked it twice and it went through just fine. If Comodo is really great and everything, then why would the support people I talk to(with the exception of you, Heffed) say that one can only detect viruses and malware and not remove them, but only the paid version can get rid of the viruses and malware. I mean, it sounds like a plot to take people’s money from them, doesn’t it?

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If someone mentioned that you needed to pay for Pro for a year to remove malware, then they are talking about GeekBuddy, which is paid for as part of the Pro subscription. This is as I said, to have a technician remove the malware for you.

CIS Premium (free) is capable of removing malware without GeekBuddy assistance.

oh, okay. Is the only reason Comodo is 50 dollars just for the geekbuddy and nothing else?

Pro will give you GeekBuddy, TrustConnect, and the $500 virus free guarantee.

You can see what the differences are between versions in this thread:
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