CIS for Ubuntu Linux

I would love to be able to use Comodo Internet Security on Ubuntu Linux operating system. Application Firewall Support especially.

Ubuntu has a website set up for developers to help in the process:

Comodo already has an antivirus for linux but idk if they plan on making more components for linux (ie firewall etc)

well i really want a Firewall + Hips for Linux

there is No real easy to use with a Cool gui on Linux so comodo will be Pioneer in Linux
i know there is a small portion of users uses Linux

but if comodo has the Time why not ?
anyway i will be on of the First to try it

In my opinion designing a firewall from the scratch for linux is just a waste of time.
Iptables for now do the job.
Why fix something that in the present is not broken?

Awesom GUI + Network Monitor + HIPS (idon’t know if that possible )+ Antivirus

the most important thing IS a GUIIIIIIII :slight_smile:

You just gotta follow security measures found into linux forums and it’s useless for Comodo to do something like you want. There is no such thing as 100 percent security and packet storm security already shown that linux can be exploited. My 2 cents. Even I have to remain paranoid on Windows, but meh, I like Windows.

Very much like the windows version, have some predefined rules and an option to prompt the user for each applications connecting. Very new to linux and have not found an application firewall yet.

Well, I found one, LeoPard FloWer.

Will be nice to have CIS for linux :-TU
Im playing now with peppermint 3 ,before have using ubuntu & mint .
and its not true that just a couple of people are using Linux. :viva: for linux

+1 for antivirus + firewall (maybe GUI for Iptables or like Firestarter firewall) for Ubuntu.

id just like to add a +1 to a linux firewall GUI. ive seen a couple so far on linux but they are all very basic, surely one could be done that allows you to pick which applications are allowed / not allowed internet access. ive seen this done quite well on android through the iptables so should be possible on ubuntu/debian also?

Changing something that isn’t broken isn’t “fixing it”. “Improving” would be the word for it. Isn’t that usually how innovation begins?

Anyway, an application firewall is certainly easier to use than iptables and ubuntu’s ever-increasing popularity is starting to worry me. Adding another contender among the many others available is welcome, though I wouldn’t mind if comodo sticks with windows (and might even prefer that to some degree).

I prefer the firewall of Comodo especially to Log the connection-events.

Comodo Anti-Virus on my Linux-desktop does it for my on file-acces perfectly.
Why not a Connection-overview + Logging.

I used to use GuardDog (which stopped development) and later FireStarter for it (which now became broken), but if Comodo can come with one, that would be brilliant!