CIS for Average Users

Comodo has tried, improved and achieved a lot to make CIS suitable for Average Users. And I know they will keep trying their best to make CIS easy for Average Users.

I just think that the installation option of CIS should be changed. There should be 2 options.

  1. Recommended i.e Full CIS Suite
  2. Custom i.e {Firewall , Antivirus , Defence+ and Sandbox – but not the way it is now i.e with firewall you get defence+ too (though deactivated but why??) It should be simple i.e if I want Firewall I just get Firewall and nothing else} This way an Average User can install a standalone Firewall or any combination suitable for him.
    For Example - Firewall + Antivirus ------------------- Basic Protection
    Firewall + Antivirus + D+ ------------------------------- Advanced Protection
    Firewall + Antivirus + D+ + Sandbox --------------- Maximum Protection (Full Suite)


Firewall + D+ or D+ + Sandbox or Antivirus + Sandbox , etc…

I think the Installation Option should be this way. Good for both Average and Expert Users. Wot U Guyz say???


kinda like that idea, makes for easy setup in a way.

but the default is set to your ‘Max’ and is pretty quite.

A check list is far more intuitive for custom installs than yet another set of abstracted options geared toward people who don’t want to bother understanding what they install on their computer.

So while I disagree with your basic-advanced-maximum thing, I do agree there should be a recommended/ custom option, and that D+ and the Sandbox should be separated from the Firewall.

i didn’t mean that custom settings should have the options like basic - advanced - maximum thing. they were just examples. i just meant that with custom settings users can install just firewall and antivirus which is kinda basic security or can add D+ and have lil advanced security. yes the check list thing you mentioned i meant that only. like in fortinet endpoint security. there are many components and each and every components are optional to install. you can check what you want and you can uncheck what you dont want.


Oh ok then. :-TU

I don’t think they have improved usability at all since v3.08. In fact v4 has in some ways decreased it. I am not optimistic about it ever being suitable for the average user. The only improvement I find in v4 is not creating rules for safe apps but the safe list is still not big enough. The other changes like the sandbox and the new global Firewall rules are horrible.

As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as “CIS for average users” and probably never will be.