CIS Fluent Design Concept

CIS Fluent Design Concept

I gave subtle updates to the design of CIS inspired by the Windows Fluent Design language.

The idea is to tidy it up a bit and make it easier to see what you want at a glance. Also modernises it a little. Kept the overall design as I think it is a good layout that works and is what people are used to using.

This is done for fun.

Hope you all like!


WoW, that looks pretty sweet. That’s more creative then my imagination could come up with >:-D

Kind, thank you very much!

different… :-TU

Thank you kindly!

Looks like Windows 11 will be getting rounded corners.

(Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more - The Verge)

Give in to the rounded corners!


It starts to look more like Apple’s OS X. Somebody posted this first impression by a German vlogger: Windows 11 Build 21996 - New Start, Taskbar, Widgets, Tablet Improvements, Sounds + MORE - YouTube .

CIS 12 running stable in windows 11… :-TU

No issues between rectangular edges and rounded edges then? :smiley:

That’s good to know. But since Win 10 has been described as more of a remote controlled client as opposed to an OS, I will be passing. Certainly no “privacy inside” sticker will be included on those cases. Windows 10 is bad enough.