CIS - Firewall Update [RESOLVED]

When updating, automatic or manual, I download the updates. Even after a reboot, if I manually check for updates,
CIS still downloads the same updates. Resolution?

I can’t re produce this. Did you uninstall your previous CFP 3 or CIS Beta/RC completely before installing this?


Yes, I removed RC2 first. Rebooted, downloaded the latest version 424. BTW this is on Vista Business.

What’s your OS & Security Software? Can you follow this pls:


32 bit, CIS is the only security software. UAC enabled. Using account with admin privaleges.

I’m not sure it’s same issue, however closely related :

On Vista x64 ultimate (SP1, from CIS only FW, AVIRA AntiVirus) :

when updating from latest CFP 3.0.(…) : update ends “successfully”.
Due to identification of missing skin file (if I recall correctly), which I tend to believe is due to update ending with 3.5.(*) now installed not under CIS directory tree, indications of new update available were taking place.

This is why I retried (I’m working with VMware - and I did the update on a test guest environment) with “clean” install (i.e. remove old and install new after which update status seems ok) - however I bumped into other issues.

This is definitely a bug. I don’t think at this time that there is a resolution to this issue, other than disabling UAC. I don’t think CIS is actually downloading any updates, even though the progress bar shows that it is, simply because the program is up-to-date and there are actually no updates available. I have the same problem when UAC is enabled on our Vista machines. In searching manually for new updates, CIS always shows that new updates are available and it appears to be downloading updates and installing them. Also, occasionally the CIS Updater will pop up a notification that new updates are available, when they actually are not. This whole issue revolves around UAC on Vista. CIS doesn’t have this problem running on a Windows XP machine. If you disable UAC on your Vista machine, you should find that CIS states that no updates are available, when searching manually for updates, and the CIS Updater shouldn’t give you any popup notifications that new updates are available, unless they actually are. Comodo needs to correct this so that when doing a manual search for updates, CIS doesn’t constantly find updates when none are available on a Vista machine with UAC enabled.

Can you check and see if there are any files in the following folders ?

c:\users{Username’s}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Comodo????

maybe this is causing this because of the way windows filters users writing to \program files

See also:
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Section Data Redirection.

I was not sure exactly who you were directing this question to, but I will go ahead and answer it. C:{Username}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Comodo has two folders in it, but no files directly in the Comodo folder. One folder is Comodo Internet Security, with 3 sub-folders under it: Exported Settings which is empty, Scanners which has 6 .cav files in it, and Themes which has CFP.theme in it. The other folder is Firewall. It has under it. The folder itself has several cfp.zip000_ files in it. It also has cfpinfo.ini and CRASH.DMP in it. I tried deleting both these folders under Comodo, but only the Firewall folder would delete. The Comodo Internet Security folder said that I needed permission to delete the folder, but as both a User and Administrator, I had full control of the folder in the Security tab under Properties. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of taking ownership of the CIS folder to be able to delete it, until I answered your question. Hopefully you will be able to provide me with more information from this answer that will possibly solve the constant manual update issue with UAC turned on.

Can you try to shudown CIS first, tray icon right mouse, exit, are you sure yes.
Give it a some time to close and try again.

Thanks, Ronny, I shut down CIS and was able to delete both the Firewall and the Comodo Internet Security folders under Comodo in the Virtual Store Program Files folder. Then I restarted CIS and checked manually for updates. CIS told me that no updates were available. This was very interesting. I never knew anything about the Virtual Store Program Files folder before. I have always had a problem with my wireless network adapter interface not opening on my Vista machine. I checked the Virtual Store Program files folder for the wireless network adapter and found 2 files in that folder, which I deleted. Now the wireless network adapter interface opens every time the computer starts. Thanks again for this very useful information.

No problem, it’s basically a solution MS invented to support “older” software that did not follow the new MS Vista rules and those are for example an application should not have to write files in c:\program files\program folder and in c:\windows* etc that’s where the Virtual Store comes in, it fakes the writes for the software but lessens the threat to the OS being attacked.