CIS - Firewall, more problem than it's worth

One of the major pains I have been experiencing is Firewall issues when things are not seamless. I have CIS installed on a laptop and I travel between networks very often. On same network, it’s impossible to gain access to the Internet, for example getting network at For some reason or another, which I need to authenticate with the network before I get online, the connection get’s reset. On other network, the connection would time out, sometimes I had to empty my Network Policy settings and rejoin the network again before I can get access. I get two popups, why to set the type of network and second asks how I like to connect to the network. Even if I disable the firewall, if I don’t get the second popup, I have NO Internet access. I trial run Norton and I am tril run Comodo but I have to tell you, it starting to become, it’s not worth it. Anyway, what is going on when I join the Library network, which is run by Bluesocket, when all my connections are being reset?

I think I might have narrowed the problem to Secure DNS

Can you report back if the problem is with Secure DNS or not?