CIS firewall fail to update

the current version of my firewall is 4.1.150349.920, and recently it reported a new release, however, the updater just got freeze when it came to “coping file framework.dll” ???, any solution? Win7 os with avast home, thx!

any similar problem? everyone‘s update just got fine?

Version 4.1.150349.920 is what I have, too. But GUI updater says my version is up to date.

that’s weird, it seems that i have to wait for another version. if this update do exist, will it be ok to overwrite install? without losing my profile?

I think we DO have the latest version. Personally, I try to follow the forum closely when I hear of new versions to see if they are recommending a complete uninstall. You usually only have to uninstall the old if it is a MAJOR program update, not for the minor ones. So usually I let my updater try to update on top of my existing installation and only uninstall if there seem to have been problems.

But I’m certainly no expert and only telling what I personally do. Perhaps one of the Comodo team will advise otherwise.

thx for your opinion :-TU

You’re quite welcome.

finally, the update finished. however, after a computer restart the updater requested, the version of CF is still 4.1.150349.920!

This would be correct as the best practice to update.

This is the most recent version of CIS.

i know, but my CF version was 4.1.150349.920 before the update, and so it was after the update, is this a little weird? Considering i’ve got some difficulties updating this so-called new release.