CIS Firewall crash help

I have used CIS for over 3 years and have a crash early last week. I uninstall the whole CIS at once and found that my computer cannot connected to network.
After some investigation, I go to Network connection windows, right click the network card to get the ethernet properties as attached diagram. I found there is a “COMODO
internet Security Firewall Driver” with a tick. After I uncheck the Comodo driver, my local ethernet start working. I then uncheck the Comodo item for wifi card and also working too. I have thought that the problem have completely solved. However, I found that some some specific applications seems not able to launch and also computer can’t do system update. Seems some hidden problems still exist.

Pls help me for following questions :

  1. Does uninstall the comodo firewall driver solve the problem ?
  2. any risk to uninstall the comodo firewall driver ?
  3. what other steps need to do to recover the system to normal ?


Does re-install comodo firewall or CIS a valid useful step ?

Yes I would install then uninstall, then finally re-install just to be sure.

futuretech, thx for your reply suggestion. I am using windows 10 now.
Can I just install the firewall, then uninstall firewall and finally install the CIS again ?

Yeah that should be fine to do.